Kiran – The Indian Restaurant

Creating a brand identity from scratch in less than 2 weeks? It’s possible! Over the past few days we have been working on creating a delicious new identity for Kiran, a restaurant in Lahr (Schwarzwald) specialising in Indian cuisine. A striking, deep Maroon is the brand’s primary colour, combined with splashes of sandy yellow to evoke heat and the bold flavours of classic Indian spices. Behind it all lies a traditional mehndi pattern, carefully curated images and an iconic font, all of which combine with tasty food to take you on an exotic and flavourful adventure. We developed the logo, menu, advertising material, website and the restaurant window decoration, along with providing strategic advice for promotional actions.
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Brand Experience is created in the little details.

Our custom designed window decoration and signage brings the brand identity to the streets. In using the Taj Mahal, one of the most well known buildings of India with it’s tragic love story, we found a strong emotional sign. It serves not only as decoration but also allows the guests some privacy while eating.

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