Bored by the lack of variety in winter beverages and inspired by the versatility of Gin, FLACH MANN was created with the aim of showing people that there is more to winter than mulled wine, creating a range of warm cocktails with fresh ingredients and high-quality gin. Studio amu was brought on board to help bring this project to life, designing the nostalgic and comforting brand elements, a charming Christmas market stand and the distinctive glassware (rather than standard Christmas mugs) used by the company to serve their unique products.

FLACH MANN was awarded “best design” for their stand at the Cologne Christmas Market (Stadtgarten).

The logo combines nostalgia for the past and a play on words. Two variations were produced to provide maximum flexibility across numerous outputs, e.g. the primary logo is always shown on the packaging while the simplified logo can be used as a stamp or letterhead. Studio amu also created a hidden cocktail recipe within the gift wrapping for customers who bought a  bottle of FLACH MANN gin from the stand.

To get customers excited about the FLACH MANN stand and encourage attendees to give the hot gin creations a try, 1€ off and “free glass bottle” coupons were handed out in strategic, meaningful places.

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